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The Python Course you need to kickstart coding

Python Course for absolute beginners to programming. Learn Python easily and quickly with this online python course

A super simple & easy to follow Python course specially designed for those who have never done programming

What is included in this course?

6 Hours of Video Content

7 Articles

Full Lifetime Access

71 Lessons

Exercises and Solutions

Access Anywhere

Instructor Chat Support

3 Downloadable Resources

Course Completion Certificate

This Course is Suitable for Everyone Including

Absolute beginners who have never done python coding before

School teachers

Professionals willing to learn python

People having little programming background in C or other language and wants to start with python

School / college students

Any individual interested in learning Python

Learning Python Programming Is Simple When You Have An Expert With You


Join Python Course To Get Started With New Coding Language Of Web, Machine Learning And Embedded Systems

Learn the fundamentals of Python through video lectures, quizzes, and practice problems. Python is an easy to learn programming language with a wide variety of well-paying jobs in many fields, including data science, web development, and network programming. There couldn’t be a better time for you to join the world of Python! This Python course teaches you everything about fundamentals of python programming using python 3

Course Contains

▸  Python Fundamental

▸  Python3 Programming using IDLE

▸  Conditional Statements

▸  Looping

▸  Importing modules

▸  Writing Functions

▸  Modules and Libraries

▸  Data Structures in python

▸  Database In Python

▸  Many more…


Why You Should Take This Course?

I believe everyone can learn and excel in coding with right tools and proper guidance. Hence I have made this courses and 50% of it is available for free preview, watch them, if you feel right, enroll!!! I hope you'd like this transparency!!!


This is for Everyone interested in Python Programming

Yes, Everyone, No Technical Skills needed. Absolute beginners who have never done python coding before


Start Building Projects

All future guides and references provided to take the learning further


LEARNING should not be LENGTHY!!!

My purpose is to get you started quickly with Python  and start programming and making systems fast, with less learning and more experimenting


Minimum Theory, Maximum Hands on

This is a complete 4+ hour hands on based self paced course

Instructor Support

This isn't just a Video Course, It comes with a lifetime instructor support

Course Completion Certificate

Every attendee gets a webinar participation certificate

Why this Python Programming Course?

I believe that anyone from literally any age and educational background can not only learn technology but also excel in it. What is needed is a determination to learn and proper guidance. Hence I've created this course considering that my students are absolute beginners and are willing to learn and excel in the programming. I have purposefully created the course to make it simple for anyone to follow and get mastered with python coding step by step.


This is a Python Course for Absolute Beginners: Python is being used for a long time in a variety of applications and scenarios and is slowly becoming a standard for writing down machine learning and AI applications. Learning Python as a programmer, engineer or even a hobbyist has many benefits and brighter career opportunities are just a by-product of it. This course will deal with barebone python version 3 as python2 life has ended

Super Simple and Easy to Follow Python Course: This is a super simple and very easy to follow the course to teach you python programming assuming that you've never done any kind of coding before. Hence, there is no special age/education requirement to take this course. Anyone interested enough in learning Python programming can enroll in this course and make some noise with your keyboard writing python programs (also called scripts). This course will work in a very simple flow where each concept will be taught first and then you'll be given a series of programs/assignments to solve that very concept. Perfectly suitable for people venturing into the coding world or those who know about C or any other coding language and now willing to learn python for either desktop development or web development. This course will provide a solid foundation upon which you can extend your knowledge further for specific needs of your own.

Get Started with Coding within 15 minutes of joining this course: As stated before, apart from being for absolute beginners, this course is created for those who want to learn quick, experiment quick and grow quicker. On purpose, this course is kept as short in length as possible and most of the lectures are 5-6 minutes long only. I want you to perform more of coding than video watching :)


If you’ve always wanted to

Start or shift your career to Internet of things
Get better in your existing work
Kick start your next dream IoT startup
Start your own blog and youtube channel,

Probably online course on this ever growing industry

May be you're confused in hardware and software

You're not alone!!!

Learning IoT involves many thing like dealing with hardware controllers, sensors & cloud domain.

Detailed Course Syllabus

18 sections • 67 lectures • 5h 55m total length


This Is Not Just A Python Course Video, It Comes With Lifetime Instructor Support And Consultation

Udemy Pack




One time cost

Actual Price on Udemy

Approx ~ 10 USD

Lifetime Access

Complete Online Course

Course Completion Certificate

Kitflix Price Lowest Price

Normal ₹1999



One time cost

Actual Price on Kitflix

Complete Online Course

Lifetime Access

Course Completion Certificate

Personalized Instructor Support through email and messaging system

Direct Contact with Insturctor on Chat / whatsapp / telegram

2 x One to One Live Sessions with Instructor for doubt clearing

Remote Desktop Support for any unsolved Queries

You Are Not The First To Take The Course

More than 19000 Students from 147+ Countries have enrolled to our courses


"We believe everyone can learn and excel in technologies with right tools and proper guidance"

What Our Students Say

"I am a 65 year old retired male from Australia and wish to learn a modern programming language from scratch. So far I have found this course easy to understand with very achievable objectives. Half way through the course and going well."


Steven Wright

"Amit sounds like an expert, yet keeps the way he teaches concepts at a very basic level so as to not isolate beginners. He is awesome Instructor."



" This is really a great course to get a start to your PYTHON carrier. Instructor's teaching methodology is great, very creative and great learning techniques are implied in the course to keep you excited and to learn everything with easy and in a comfortable way. Exercises are really helpful, For the beginners out there definitely you should go with this."


Nithin KM

"I feel that over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me, I look for some additional content to this course.Doing well Amit Rana really love this course."


Margarita Herndnez

"Started very well, with practical applications and fun tasks. I'll definitely return to this course in the future, as I'm still studying, getting a more theoretical approach this time, and update the review It was an amazing learning experience. Thank you so much Amit Rana