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Learn How To Build Embedded Systems With 8051 And AVR Microcontroller

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What Will You Learn?

Course 1 : Embedded Systems with 8051 Micro Controller using Embedded C

Introduction to Embedded Systems

8051 Microcontroller Pin Structure

Installation of Keil IDE

Input and Outputs

Simulations of 8051

Program Downloading

Concepts on LED

Relay Interfacing

Digital Inputs and switches

Concepts Of LCD

LCD interfacing

DC Motor Interfacing using Relays

Using For Loop

DC Motor Interfacing using Motor Driver IC

Serial Communication on 8051

RS232 and Uart

Serial Device Control

Timer Concepts

8051 Timer Program

Stepper Motor Interfacing

ADC With LM35

Timer as Counter

Program Downloading on Hardware

Free Dev Board Sch and Layout

Course 2 : Start Learning Embedded Systems with AVR Atmega32 Controller

What are AVR controllers

AVR Architecture

Various AVR Devices and its Features

Pinout of Atmega32

Datasheet Reading

Install Atmel Studio and Simulation Software

Downloading Program in Atmega32

Embedded C for AVR

Data Direction in AVR

Input and Output Declarations

LEDs and Swithes Interfacing

Switching Circuits with AVR

Relay Switching

Advanced Switching Concepts

LCD Interfacing with Atmega

LCD Library

ADC Concepts

Using ADC on atmega32

Voltmete rand Temperature Sensor

Interrupts in Atmega32

What are Timers?

How to use external Interrupts

External Interrupts and LCD

Timers and Counters in AVR

Timer as event counter

What is counter and how to use?

Serial Communication with AVR

Serial Communication Tasks

Course 3 : Crash Course on Embedded C Programming

Installing C on your Computer

What is void main and int main

Accepting Input with scanf

Understanding char and int properly

Addition of numbers

Division and mod operator in C

Conditional Execution and Loops

Tasks with Conditional Execution

" For loop" in C

tasks with "for" loop

"If condition"

"While loop"

"Switch case"

Tasks with Switch / while

Preprocessor Directives / Macros in C


Functions -- Char array and strings

Functions -- Global Variables

Arrays in C 

Pointers and their usage


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Monthly Live Q and A