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Deep Dive into programming with an in-depth understanding of
Embedded C programming

This Course is Suitable for Everyone Including

Beginner, Students who are curious to learn Micro controller Programming

College and University


Working Professionals willing to start studying embedded systems


Anyone interested to Learn 8051 Controllers


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Learning MicroControllers Is Simple When You Have An Expert With You

Learn Embedded Systems With One Of The Most Influential And Basic Microcontrollers In History, 8051


We will study 8051 with embedded C programming. We’re going to study about the 8051 microcontrollers with Keil 8051 IDE. Keil microvision is a very old & very popular IDE used for microcontroller programming. A perfect mix of theory and practical’s, with many real-world examples, exercises and step-by-step solutions without lengthy descriptions!

Course Contains

●Basic C programing

● Understanding Assembly Vs C Programming

●  Simulations

● Downloading

● Compiler

● Variables Functions and many more

● Software installation

Why You Should Take This Course?

I believe everyone can learn and excel in coding with right tools and proper guidance. Hence I have made this courses and 30% of it is available for free preview, watch them, if you feel right, enroll!!! I hope you'd like this transparency!!!


This is for Everyone interested in Micro Controller

Yes, Everyone, No Technical Skills needed, you can start fresh and still learn microcontrollers completely


Start Building Projects

All future guides and references provided to take the learning further


LEARNING should not be LENGTHY!!!

My purpose is to get you started quickly with 8051 and Atmega controller and start making systems fast, with less theory and more experimenting


Minimum Theory, Maximum Hands on

This is a complete 4+ hour hands on based self paced course              

Instructor Support

This isn't just a Video Course, It comes with a lifetime instructor support

Course Completion Certificate

Every attendee gets a webinar participation certificate

Yes i want to join course

Best suitable prize plan

  • One time fees

    • Unlimited Lifetime Access to All Current and Future Courses
    • Limfetime support
    • Easy to access from mobile
    • Anytime aceess
  • Best Value

    All In One Bundle

    In this plan you will able to access all course
    • ESP 32 programming with Iot
    • Beginners Masterclass into Raspberry Pi and iot
    • Node-Red
    • PCB Design using Proteus software
    • PCB Design using Easy EDA
    • PCB Design using Eagle software
    • Advanced Arduino
    • Crash course for Raspberry Pi
    • 8051
    • AVR programming using Atmega Controler

This Disclaimer regarding payment of online course you select while sign up course online .(Need more input..)

Barebone Controller Coding

Programming and using a microcontroller is not like using Arduino’s where you just write C code and download it into IC. This is a barebone coding experience where we’re going to learn the insights of 8051 microcontrollers and understand at the core how to write the program for each of its features. This single quality separates the hobbyists and professionals apart. We’ll be using each feature of 8051 by completely studying the internal registers.

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